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Leaded Inductors for Class D    DVH2822

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  • High current
  • Slim figure, closed magnetic circuit with low leakage magnetic flux
  • Low DCR
  • Operating temperature:-40℃~+125℃(The self-heating is included)


  • AudioVisual
  • Mini System, AV Amplifier, for Professionals
  • Others
  • Power Supply

Electrical Characteristics

Part Number Inductance(µH) DCR (mΩ) DC Saturation Allowable Current (A) Temperature Rise Allowable Current (A)
Max Typical
DVH2822-200M 20 ± 20% 12.4 9.6 30 9
  • Inductance Measuring Condition:100kHz,1V
  • DC saturation allowable current:The current value which inductance decrease within 25% from the initial value
  • Temperature rise allowable current:The rise in temperature of core surface is within 40℃

Current characteristic graph

Characteristics of DC Superposition

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