Discontinued Products

 We may fail to take order for following products because they have been discontinued or will be discontinued.We earnestly hope that you will kindly understand, and look forward to your continued business in the future.

We hope you will honor us with your loyal patronage.
SMD Power Inductor HER2510,HER3010,7E66S,7E66L,7E66N,HHR1037,7E08L, 7E08N,7E10L,7E10N,7E10H,CHR1037,CHR1048,7B12MA, 7B12NA,7B12HA,CBE8027H,CBE8042H,CBE1027H,CBE1037H, CBE1053H,CBE1227H,CBE1237H,CBE1242H,CBE1253H 7004D-1S,7004D-1M,7004D-1N,7004D-1H
SMD Inductors for Class D 7W15A
Leaded Power Inductor 7205
SMD Variable Coil All types
Leaded Variable Coil All types
Balun Trans. 5BG
If you have any questions, please contact one of our sales representatives.