Discontinued Products

 We may fail to take order for following products because they have been discontinued or will be discontinued.We earnestly hope that you will kindly understand, and look forward to your continued business in the future.

We hope you will honor us with your loyal patronage.

Discontinued Product

Products that are scheduled to be discontinued and may have a final order deadline.
SMD Power Inductor 7A04N,7A04H,7A06L,7A06N,7A08N,7A10L,7A10N, 7E25U,7E25L,7E03TA,7E03TB,7E04TA,7E04TB,7E05LA,7E05LB 7E05NA,7E05NB,7E05NC,7E66N,7E08L,7E08N,7E10L,7E10N, CHR1037,CHR1048,7B12MA,7B12NA,7B12HA
SMD Inductors for Class D 7G08B,DBF1057H,7G14N,7G17A,7G17B,7X13A
Leaded Power Inductor 7708

Deprecated Products

Production will continue, but we would like you to refrain from adopting to your new models.
Chip Inductors C1005C,C2012C
SMD Power Inductor CWR4017C,CWR5017C,CWR6017C,CWR8027C, CWR8037C,CWR1037C,CBH1053H,CBH1380H
If you have any questions, please contact one of our sales representatives.