SAGAMI ELEC CO., LTD. is a manufacturer that specializes in coils with over 60 years since our establishment. Recently, we are providing high-reliable and high-quality products for telecommunications, AV equipment, etc., mainly for car audio and car electronics, to all over the world.

Currently, utilization of electronic parts are expected to increase with the trend of electronization including automotive field. Our company builds a consistent system from product development to manufacturing, quality control, sales, and responds to wide variety of requests. In addition, we aim to actively enter the IoT field, which is expected to grow in the future.

We have an important phrase shared by all employees. That is "keep a promise". Each employee’s thought for work is put in this simple phrase. The foundation of the firm technology becomes solid accompanied by each earnest attitude.

We will inherit the DNA of coil manufacturing technology, which has been cultivated for many years, and value “face to face” contact with each customer. We will continue to produce coils which the world needs.

President  Teppei Hashimoto