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Corporate History

1946 Shozo Hashimoto started business in Yokohama
1947 Founded Sagami Musen Laboratory
1956 Reorganized and renamed as Sagami Musen Works Co., Ltd.
1963 Completed Head Office Building at present area
1978 Founded Osaka Office (Currently West Japan Sales Office)
1985 Completed new Head Office Building
1987 Founded Sagami Electronics Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong
1987 Started production in Shenzhen, China
1989 Founded Sagami Singapore Pte. Ltd.
1992 Renamed Sagami Elec Co., Ltd.
1993 Started production at the second plant in Shenzhen, China
1995 Founded Sagami America Ltd. in USA
1998 Founded Shanghai office in china
2000 In Shenzhen China, unified 2 factories
Founded Sagami Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
2009 Founded Sagami Parts(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd.
2012 Founded Pt.Sagami Indonesia