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High Reliability Inductors    CBE1914HU NEW AEC-Q200
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  • Power inductor with greatly improved current characteristics
  • Closed magnetic circuit structure with low leakage flux
  • Uses flat wire, low resistance and high current specifications
  • Construction for high current
  • AEC-Q200 compliant spec available upon request
  • Operating temperature:-40℃~+150℃(The self-heating is included)


  • AudioVisual
  • Mini component, AV amplifier, Amplifier for profes

  • Automotive
  • Car Autio, ECU

  • Home Electronics
  • Home Electronics

  • Others
  • Power Supply, FA, Medical, Energy

Electrical Characteristics

Part Number Inductance
(mΩ) max.
DC Saturation
Allowable Current (A)
Temperature Rise
Allowable Current (A)
CBE1914HU-150M 15 ± 20% 12 19 11
CBE1914HU-220M 22 ± 20% 13 14 11
CBE1914HU-330M 33 ± 20% 13 9 11
  • Inductance Measuring Condition:100kHz,1V
  • DC saturation allowable current:The current value which inductance decrease 10% from the initial value
  • Temperatue rise allowable current:The rise in temperature of core surface is 40℃

Graph of Characteristics

Characteristics of DC Superposition
Characteristics of Temperature rise