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Normal Mode Chokes    PRCG4036C


  • Three independent ferrite beads in one package structure
  • High impedance at 100M to 3GHZ / High Current
  • Small mounting area
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • Operating temperature:-40℃~+150℃(The self-heating is included)


  • Automotive
  • ECU
  • Others
  • Power Supply, FA

Electrical Characteristics

Part Number Impedance(Ω) min. DCR (mΩ) Temperature Rise Allowable Current (A)
Max Typical
PRCG4036C-Single 33 0.93 0.85 9.1
  • Impedance Measuring Condition:100MHz,0.1V
  • Temperature rise allowable current:The rise in temperature of core surface is 40℃

Current characteristic graph

Impedance vs. Frequency
Characteristics of Temperature Rise